Main Services

Sunday and Wednesday Services

Sunday morning church services are a vibrant celebration of faith, drawing families, friends, and individuals of all ages to worship, reflect, and connect in unity, and all are welcome to join. With uplifting music and inspirational sermons, these gatherings foster a profound sense of community and spiritual growth. On Wednesday evenings, our church provides a midweek oasis for deeper reflection, offering a more intimate setting for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. This contemplative space strengthens our bonds as a church family, providing a sense of unity and spiritual renewal to carry us through the week, allowing us to grow closer to our faith amidst the busyness of life.

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:45 AM

Wednesday Evenings

7:00 PM

What To Expect

A typical service will last about 95 minutes. We sing a good mix of contemporary and worship music that is led by our worship team followed by an impactful sermon. There is childcare available and activities for all age groups. Plan to hang around after the service for fellowship and meeting new people.


At The Christian Center, we understand the importance of a welcoming and inclusive community, which is why we offer complimentary childcare services for children from birth to 12th grade. Our dedicated team provides a safe, nurturing environment for infants and toddlers, engaging programs for preschool through elementary school students, and a vibrant youth ministry for middle and high schoolers. We're committed to ensuring that parents can fully participate in our services and events while their children are in capable hands. Join us for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth, knowing that your family is cared for by our loving staff.


6 Months - 3 Years Old

Granny's House

4 Years Old - Kindergarten

Kids Church

1st - 5th Grade


6th - 12th Grade