Kids Church

Kids Church

1st - 5th Grade

Our kids' church is a vibrant and exciting place where learning about God is an adventure filled with wacky and fun skits that captivate the hearts of our young ones. Every Sunday and Wednesday, our dedicated team of volunteers puts on creative performances that not only entertain but also impart important spiritual lessons. Laughter echoes through our large two-story indoor playground, where children engage in joyful playtime, fostering friendships and bonding over shared experiences. It's a place where faith and fun come together, nurturing a love for God in our little ones' hearts, all while they make cherished memories in our safe and welcoming environment.

Kids Church Learning Center

Kids Church Playground

Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Evenings



At the beginning of our praise and worship service , we extend an invitation to all 1st through 5th graders. They are invited to gather at the rear of the sanctuary, where our dedicated team stands ready to guide them to our dynamic kids' church experience. As the primary service approaches its conclusion, our diligent staff ensures the safe return of the children to the sanctuary. Safety and the well-being of our young attendees are of utmost importance to us, thus necessitating the presence of a parent or guardian at the church during the service.  

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